Positive Behaviour Support

No Limits Community Service’s Positive Behaviour Support provides specialised therapeutic services for children and adults with disability who present behaviours of concern (also known as challenging behaviour).

At No Limits Community Services, we believe all behaviour has a function or reason behind it. By taking a human rights focus and building on an evidence-based approach, Positive Behaviour Support focuses on increasing a person’s quality of life and decreasing the frequency and severity of their behaviour of concern.

Our specialised and experienced practitioners take a positive and proactive approach:

  • Positive means increasing and strengthening helpful behaviour through learning and reinforcement, rather than using punishment or negative consequences to respond to someone.
  • Proactive means anticipating where things may go wrong and preventing those things from happening, rather than just reacting when things go wrong.

As a consequence we see an improvement in relationships with family and friends.

Our Positive Behaviour Support services include:

  • A full assessment
  • Increasing effective communication
  • Understanding sensory, psychological and functional triggers
  • Addressing health issues that may be impacting behaviour
  • Assistance in building positive relationships
  • Training and education
  • Development and review of Behaviour Support Plans
  • Skills training
  • Helping you improve your quality of life

You can access our Positive Behaviour Support Service for specialist behavioural intervention support under the NDIS Support Item: Improved Relationships.

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No Limits Community Services offers guidance on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for your child, family member or those you support with a disability.

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